The day of depot manager Marcus


Marcus Copier: there's more than enough challenge and variety

"After Boels approached me for the position of branch manager, I immediately started to delve into the organisation. After a few conversations, I was extremely enthusiastic about the possibilities at Boels. Commercially, but also in terms of career opportunities.

Helping clients, reaching targets and working on my own development. That gives me energy. I think hard work is important, but that also applies to other matters. Good cooperation, for example. That is also possible at Boels. As a branch manager, I want to get the most out of the team and the branch. With that attitude, I go to work every day. I spend a lot of time in the office, but you can also find me on the shop floor on a regular basis. I help at the desk, support the depot mechanic, help the site employee and prepare equipment for the drivers. In short, challenge and variety are enough!"