The day of hire controller Gino


Gino Schmitz: The variation is really the best thing about this job

"Do you know where I get my energy from? When colleagues are enjoying themselves and everything runs smoothly. I also get energy from a satisfied customer. If I look at other companies in the rental sector,
I think Boels stands out from the crowd. The rental fleet is always up to date and the quotations are very sharp.

Boels gives employees who have a good idea ample opportunity to prove themselves. Something like that has a very stimulating effect, as I know from my own experience. A working day at Boels also offers a lot of variety. One minute you’re busy answering incoming e-mails, while not much later you’re talking to a customer at the branch. Or you carry out light maintenance on a machine in between. This variation is really the best thing about this function. In addition, you will be given complete freedom in your work. That brings with it a certain responsibility that I deal with well."