The 5 corner stones of Boels Rental

Boels Rental wants to be the permanent rental partner of professionals and companies. Everybody who rents from us has to recommend us to others. Only together can we ensure that our customers are so satisfied. In what way? By always going for the very best solution. That's what we call Passion for Solutions. In the text below you can read how we achieve this.

This is what we stand for!
What distinguishes us at Boels Rental? We have described it in five pillars. Every day we work hard to achieve this. In this way, we ensure satisfied and returning customers.



Anything, anytime, anywhere!

Our client only wants one answer and that's yes. We guarantee availability.



Working safely first and foremost

There's only one way to rent out at Boels Rental and that's: safely. All our employees take their responsibilty and go to great lengths to guarentee the safety of ourselves, our customers and the equipment we rent out.



Renting promotes a sustainable world.

Renting is buying the new thing. We invest in the latest technologies and products. Because of these innovations we are always up to date.


Added value

Maximizing your performance

The customer does not only hire from us for the best equipment and advice. We help him or her to keep the rental costs as low as possible. Of course with competitive rental rates, but also by making everything around the rental run as smoothly as possible. From quotation to invoice, we tailor everything to the wishes of the customer. Without hidden costs, with clear invoices and clarity across the board.




Great service, outstanding solutions

At Boels Rental, a customer can count on the support of real rental professionals. Specialists who help the client personally, know exactly who he or she is and immediately understand what he/she needs. Clients can always turn to us for expert advice and if they need something, the motto is: 'can't - doesn't exist'. Whatever the wish is, we take care of it. So the client can always get on with work. We go for a long-term partnership with the client.