Corporate social responsibility

At Boels Rental, every day we strive for optimal care for people and the environment within a responsible economic framework. In doing so, we seek a healthy balance between ethical, social and economic factors. Not only from the top, but also from the bottom up, initiatives are taken with regard to the three sustainability pillars of people, planet and profit.

Respect for mankind

Our employees are flexible, take initiatives, work well together and are technically skilled. We highly value the continuity of our workforce. We stimulate and support the personal development of our employees. Boels Rental has been a trusted internship and graduation company for many years. Trainees and graduates often find a temporary challenging place within Boels Rental to learn. Safety has our full attention. We pursue a preventive safety, sickness and absenteeism policy. Our employees are regularly informed of recent safety rules and relevant legislation and regulations.

Respect for the environment and the living environment

Renting minimizes a negative impact on the environment and is naturally sustainable. Several parties use the same equipment, so less is manufactured and fewer raw materials are needed. When replacing defective or obsolete materials, new, more modern and efficient equipment reduces consumption and CO2 emissions. We actively look for solutions that are less harmful to the environment in our business operations. We purchase our products and services as sustainably as possible. When investing in our own fleet of vehicles, we choose cars that have as little impact on the environment as possible.
It is our objective to reduce CO2 emissions by 3.5 percent annually. The planet targets are emphatically on the agenda of the management team that monitors progress.

Socially responsible investment

Profit goes much further than a positive financial result, it is also about social return. We strive for the long-term continuity of our company and continuously investigate the possibilities to further increase our social and economic contribution to society. A socially oriented sponsorship policy is part of this. In order to be able to steer well, the management team has made one ambassador ultimately responsible for the theme of sustainability. Of course, the entire management team is jointly responsible for the implementation of the goals.