About Boels Rental

We are an ambitious and growing company, with over 750 branches in 18 European countries. As an organisation with over 7000 employees, we are known for our creative and enterprising spirit but more importantly for the opportunities we offer for career development.

Since our founding in 1977, we have only one goal: to make customers happy with our passion for solutions. We provide tailored advice, with strong business acumen and a can-do mentality. This is also reflected in our core values. This is how we love to do business, how we get things done. By working together, we can find a solution for everything.

Working at Boels Rental
Working operations
Our branches is where the magic happens for our customers. It is also the largest part of our workforce. As part of operations you are responsible for our commercial success and the happiness of our customers. But you will never carry this responsibility alone, you will be part of a team consisting of different people, all with the same passion.

Working in business support
Our branches and employees need to be supported so that they can be at their best. Our business support teams are responsible for making sure our business runs smoothly, ranging from HR to Strategy, we make sure our business is ready for any challenge.

What the team looks like
Branch manager
You love taking responsibility for people and the commercial success the team can achieve. As branch manager it is your responsibility to make sure customers get everything they need and equally important that your team is developing and achieving success.

Our equipment is vital for our business and the success of our customers. As a mechanic you are responsible for making sure that our equipment is in perfect working order. So you have a vital role in making sure that your team and customers are happy.

Commercial advisor
Our customers often know what they need – sometimes they need advice. As a commercial advisor you help our customers make the right decisions, so that they gain the maximum benefit from working with us.

When customers hire our equipment, they need to get it, or we need to make sure our colleagues in other branches can get acces to the right equipment for customers. As a driver, you are literally the driving force behind the availability of our equipment.

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